A Little Massage Goes a Long Way


Desperate for longer hair fast? About a year ago, I cut some bangs that I was bored of by the second month. The problem? My hair was just NOT growing! So I remembered hearing that massaging your scalp is good for hair growth–boy is it! My bangs grew more in two months than it had in over 4 months!

What I did? It was simple! You can increase your growth by simply massaging for a few minutes a night. If your hair is dull and not growing at the rate you are looking for, a thorough massage will help improve blood flow and increase nourishment to the hair follicles, resulting in more lustrous locks and rapid hair growth.Massaging your scalp helps spread the natural oils throughout the hair and makes it look more shiny and radiant. No need for fancy expensive products! You already have what you need! Now all you need is a little massage! Feel free to indulge and enjoy!


3 Responses to “A Little Massage Goes a Long Way”

  1. 1 Alia

    iam going to try this. note date – 21 – 4 -2010. watch this space in 2 months and i will revert back with my findings.

    Also i heard that hair grows faster in the summer than the winter – i dont know the logic behind that. Nonetheless, i think massaging scalp should help. will try it tonight

  2. 2 Ann

    hey huda,
    thank u 4 ur tips, i’m worry abt my hair becoz of my danduff.
    nw i’m happy becoz of u.

  3. Massaging with or without hair oil?


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