Proven: Fish Oil for Glossy Locks!


by huda heidi kattan

I’ve never been one to have gorgeous hair, and frankly, I’ve always been determined to have it! I knew that somewhere out there, there was a magic product that some genius somewhere created that would turn my coarse frizzy-prone hair into commercially silky hair that, possibly, moves in slow motion–I just had no idea that that genius was God and His magic product was fish oil!

We’ve all heard it, Omega-3 fatty acids make your hair look super-silky, but has anyone tried it? Yup! I have! I seriously cannot believe the difference in my hair from taking Fish Oil tablets every day. Not only will it give you brilliantly glossy locks, but it will also help increase growth for your hair and improve radiance to your skin! I’m not going to lie, I hate fish more than anything and the thought of fish oil in a tablet more than mortifies me. HOWEVER, this is really not bad. The taste only last a couple of seconds and is totally bearable! Honestly, this is the easiest way to becoming a sexier you, that you must try it!


7 Responses to “Proven: Fish Oil for Glossy Locks!”

  1. 1 lise

    Which brand of fish oil capsules do you recommend? Thanks 🙂

    • 2 hudabeauty

      I absolutely love the ones from Nature Made! They have one called Triple Omega that has Fish, Flaxseed, Safflower & Olive Oil. I highly recommend it! Or you can head to GNC. The Fish Oil tablets there are also very good! Hope this is helpful! 🙂

  2. 3 Alia

    That is interesting because Omega-3 and fish oils are known for many things (such as reduction in cholestrole, heart, stroke risks, cancer risks) – hair isnt one of them. Although fish oil does help with skin and nails – which in tern would mean it would help in hair as skin, nails and hair share the same composition.. my question is did you find your hair growing faster im trying to grow my hair out of a haircut and was wondering how effective this was in hair growth – how much hair growth did you notice?

    • Hi Alia!
      Hi Alia!

      I definitely noticed a difference in hair growth, but honestly, I noticed a significant difference when I added massage to the equation. Like you, I had a hair cut that I was over after about a month, and desperately wanted my hair to grow. I never had any issues with hair growth, so I just assumed that after a four months or so, I would be rid of my old look and ready for a new cut–that did NOT happen. Having realized I needed a better solution, I started doing my research. I found many chronicles reporting that Omega-3 would aid in reviving hair growth, so I thought ‘why not?’. After a month, I noticed my hair was starting to look shinier and it was growing slightly faster. So I decided to start massaging my scalp 2 minutes a night before I went to bed, wow, did things change! My hair went from growing about 2 inches in 4 months (without taking or doing anything) to growing about 3 inches in 2 months! The proof was in the pudding.

      Remember, everyone will have different results, but this is such an incredibly easy way to stimulate hair growth and health. You lose nothing trying! I definitely recommend checking out my blog, A Little Massage Goes a Long Way (, which talks about the benefits of massaging your scalp.

      I hope this helps doll! Best of luck! Xxx

  3. 5 SAYBOW

    Im 41 and have worked out my whole life, i have taked vitmains and many Body Building drinks/supplements off and on threw out my life. I just started taken “Nature Made” Triple Omega (3-6-9-) Fish,Flaxseed,Safflower,Olive Oils for heart mostly – the exact one your talking about, i also hate that taste. But as far helpin skin. A ex gf of mine said to cut gel cap open and rub on skin. Very oily. But she swears by that more then Oil of Olay or whateve you ladies take? Ha. But is this true? Is it better for your skin, if you rub it on there or do you get the same effects by just swallowing it? Thanks for any info.

  4. 6 farahshah

    hi huda,i really need out input.. i have been looking for this tablets for six months now but noo luck 😦 i have searched so many bid pharmacies including boots… kindly help me !! where can i find it in dubai??

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