Concealer Problems Solved!


Do any of you have those products that you absolutely cannot live without? I do, and this is it! Having had little experience with Too Faced, I was apprehensive to try this, but now, I cannot go anywhere without this! It’s super-light formula amazingly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and combats dark circles. The best part? The natural herbal extracts give this concealer all-day staying power while aiding in the reduction of aging. Can we say Too Facelicous!

Available at Sephoras worldwide (recommended in Hollywood Tan, $19.50).


3 Responses to “Concealer Problems Solved!”

  1. 1 Hend

    Hi Huda.
    I just got this concealer a couple of days ago in the shade “Hollywood medium”. I love the texture goes on very smoothly. But after some time, it does crease a little. Maybe am not applying it right, please help..!

    • Hey baby!!! It is sooo smooth!! What I do to keep in place, I take a sponge, and I dip the sponge in powder, then I just press it over the area. It will always crease as time goes by, but that will help it a lot!! check out my video for flawless foundation, I show exactly how to do it there! Muuuuah!!!

  2. 3 Mel

    It really looks like something i would try But i have the problem that i live in germany and we dont have Sephora. What else would you recommend? right now i use true match by Loreal just because i have very dry under eye area and only liquid concealers seem to help.

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