Say Cheese! Tips for a Brighter Smile!


Anyone have this issue? Their teeth have lost their luster and are looking a tad on the yellow side? After moving overseas, I started to appreciate American dental practices. Okay, appreciate is the wrong word, I became obsessed with having a brighter smile. Let’s face it, it’s inevitable that our teeth will naturally stain as we age due to food, drinks and lifestyle choices. Nevertheless, it is possible to acquire and maintain a bright smile–these are some common practices that have worked for me.

Teeth Whitening

I have tried several methods including Zoom whitening at the dentist, whitening kits, whitening toothpastes and mouthwash. I have found the most effective for me was actually the kits. I like the Crest Whitening Strips. Not only are they affordable and effective, but if used properly, they were the most gentle. Zoom caused so much pain for me at times my teeth became sensitive to air! Not fun! Furthermore, you can control how bright you want to go with the kit. I noticed a difference after three days with Crest Whitening Strips and I could barely tell the difference in the before-and-after photos with the Zoom whitening.

Only downfall of the strips: They don’t cover you entire mouth (only your dentist will notice) and they can be a bit time consuming.

If you’re a bit old fashioned and prefer the baking-soda-with-your-toothpaste-routine, then here are some foods that also add light to your smile:

  • Celery
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Carrots

Remember to rinse your mouth with water after eating dark foods and beverages! This will tremendously help reduce stains and easy to do!

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