Tricks are For Kids


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Yes we’ve all heard of the wonders of Photoshop, but have we all seen the evidence? My favorite picture is Madonna modeling for Louis Vuitton–not only did they make her look young, fresh, and alive, but check out how they smoothed out her muscle tone to make her look more feminine and busty.  Here are some of my favorite Photoshopped pictures. It’s amazing what a “little” photoshop can do!

Madge photoshopped for Louis Vuitton

Kim Kardashian photoshopped for Complex Magazine

Kimora Lee Simmons photoshopped with supermodel, Daria Werbowy’s legs

images courtesy of nymag, complex, and coco perez


8 Responses to “Tricks are For Kids”

  1. The funny thing about Kimora being photoshopped with Daria’s legs is that I’m sure Daria’s legs were photoshopped in the first place, and that they have most certainly been shaped and stretched. I just read this article at The New York Times about how the supermodels get in shape:

    • So funny, I was thinking the same thing! How much photoshop goes into some of these pics?!

  2. 3 DimaB

    Wow, this is really intresting!

    • So glad you like it! Xxx

  3. 5 Vanessa Gomes

    I look at photoshopping videos on youtube all the time! It’s crazy!! No wonder our perception of beauty is distored!

    • I know baby! It’s crazy! Since I have been in the industry, you start to realize how much they do to make things look perfect! I’m happy you understand this, it’s important for girls to know that these images are not real. We are the way we are, and that’s beautiful! 🙂

  4. 7 Melanie

    I think I need some photoshop classes!! =) Although I know pictures we are used to seeing are fake, one can’t help trying to achieve something similar. It’s tough trying to meet with society’s perception of beauty, you just got to love yourself and accept how and who you are!!

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