Bye Bye Wrinkles!


Chances are, if I know you, at some point in our friendship, I have given you a tube of Retin A. Why? I LOVE THIS STUFF!

A few years ago, after leaving sunny Dubai and heading to Boston in the winter, I began feeling a bit pasty. It wasn’t long before me and Hot Bodeez tanning salon became BFFs. As much as this seemed like a fool-proof relationship at the time, I noticed three long wrinkles forming across my forehead.

“Eeeek!” I remember thinking!

The dilemma, I loved my golden-bronzy skin, but these three little piglets, not so much.

An incredibly wise and beautiful woman who was to me, the epitome of a DIVA/mother figure recommended I use Retin A. To my amazement, my wrinkles literally, completely disappeared!

Retin A is used as treatment for acne, but is very effective in its ability to reduce the signs of aging, stretchmarks and even hair loss. If you are interested in using Retin A (also known as Aberela, Vesanoid, Renova, Atralin, Avita, or Stieva-A), contact your dermatologist and make sure to use it sparingly as it can cause too much skin renewal, which can lead to flaking.

I do recommend using a very light dosage. I use .025, which is very light and easy on my skin. Remember, don’t over do it! I tiny dab will go a long way!



9 Responses to “Bye Bye Wrinkles!”

  1. Amazing post today. Thanks so much for the invaluable tips! I need to get my hands on some of this cream.

  2. I’m definitely giving this a try!!!! 🙂

    • You’ll love it babe!! Make sure you get the .025! It’s pretty mild and very effective! Xxx

  3. 4 X

    This is perfect…. I’m starting to notice faint piglets forming myself :s will defiantly start using it!!!

    Thanxxxxxxx luv u n ur blog loadzzzz

  4. 5 Sarah Olsen


    I was wondering if you have ever seen the derma roller used on stretch marks and also if Retin A is safe to use while using the derma roller.


    • Hi darling!! I have used the Derma Roller on my stretch marks and it has almost made them disappear! I am still using it right now. If you are going to use Retin A on your skin while using the derma roller, use it sparingly and in very small amounts. But honestly, I would recommend something like Kiehl’s Anti aging Acai Serum when using it on your face. When using it on your body, try using coconut oil! 🙂

  5. 7 m

    Hi Huda,

    is retin a the same as retinol? ive been reading reviews about a cream only found in france called avibon thats made of retinol. I really want to start using one of teh products but im unsure if its safe ! Plz help!



  6. Omg! Haha now I see this post! This is the exact same tube I used to use.. its so amazing.. I tell EVERYONE about this product too… needless to say all my gf’s are hooked!! Also if your using Retin A on your face ( and body too) make sure you use sunscreen religiously with it as it can really burn your skin if you dont!

  7. 9 arwa

    huda help !! i used the Retin A once under my eyes and the next day i had wrinkles that i’ve never had before,,, they are like 2 deep ones and 3 fine lines plus the crow’s feet,, i’m only 24 , but my eyes has become like 40 years old , i read that it gets worse before it gets better and ppl are using it there coz it increase the collagen ,,,, but do u Recommend me to continue using it or stop it right the way omg i’m freaking out :'((((((( please answer me ..ok

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