Extend Your Blowout!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’m not going to lie, I hate straightening my hair! It takes forever–sometimes, an hour and a half!  Why? My hair is super curly. dry, damaged and frizz-prone.  All the reason more why I need to make sure I get my locks super straight if I want to look anywhere close to sane when I leave the house. 

Being the product whore that I am, I had to find the perfect product that would help me extend the life of my blowout, even a day!  After trying countless products, natural rinses and “remedies”, I was beginning to think if I wanted to extend the life of my blowout in any way, it was going to result in a starchy film on my hair follicles or scalp, gross!

Luckily, my Sephora-product-guru is a rockstar! She listened to all of my complaints (if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am beyond critical and picky with products) and turned me on to Ojon’s dry shampoo. Wow! What a difference! Ojon’s dry shampoo is much finer than the traditional formulas you find, so it doesn’t give you the same starchy feeling most dry shampoos do.  Not only that, but itgives you incredible volume, erases impurities and toxins, smells fantastic and comes in travel size for your purse! I have now been using this product for 3 years and this, my friends, is a staple!

Available at Sephora

image courtesy of beautyknockouts


6 Responses to “Extend Your Blowout!”

  1. 1 Jessica S

    I’ve tried this stuff. it is the only dry shampoo that works for me. I love this one.

    • Glad you like it darling!! Xxx

  2. 3 Basma

    Thats amazing!! My hair hardly lasts a day,i never knew sephora had a dry shampoo its like music to my ears.I cant wait to try it out thanks for the great advice.

  3. 4 alya

    is it available at Sephora, Dubai Mall?

    • hi darling! Unfortunately, this brand is not available at Dubai Mall at the moment. If you would like to try the product, email me directly at huda@hudabeauty.com and I will see what I can do for everyone who wants one:)

  1. 1 news.middaily :: SHOPPING :: Vitamin HB | ReVamp Your Blowdry

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