Vitamin HB


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I try my best eat foods that are healthy, this is one of my favorite mid-meal snacks that is super beautifying:

Recipe for beautiful snack:

Non-fat (or low-fat) plain yogurt (great for immune system)
Honey (super healthy for fighting infections)
Berries of choice (full of antioxidants to fight aging)
Granola (add some walnuts for Omega 3 for shiny hair)

Enjoy with a cup of green tea!


6 Responses to “Vitamin HB”

  1. 1 Hend

    Thank you Huda xo! I’ m enjoying the Vitamin HB posts!
    YaY to a healthier lifestyle!! ;D

    • So glad you like them darling!!!! I hope they make a great impact!! :*

    • 3 Maisa

      I love the Vitamin HB posts too!

  2. 4 Anna

    Your blog makes me want to spend money.

    • Anna, I adore you and your comments, they always make me smile:)

  3. 6 Hessa

    looks good!

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