Thank you fans!!


I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting the blog!  I had a record high number of hits yesterday, and that just made me soooo happy:)

When I first started, I really wasn’t sure if anyone was reading. It’s funny at first, you kind of start to wonder, but I have gotten some very sweet comments lately and I can’t tell you how much it means the world to me! Thank you all soooo much for your support! I promise I will continue to try to give you the entire beauty breakdown and share all my beauty secrets with you no matter what!!

I seriously love you all! Thank you!! :*

Huda Xxxx


11 Responses to “Thank you fans!!”

  1. 1 Sheena

    Huda I am so proud of you, and so excited to follow you on your website. Miss you so much, looking forward to all of your great tips!

  2. 2 Alamira Reem

    LOOOOVEEE YOUUUU and your blog makes me happpyyyy and your face takes my breath away ya gorgeous inta!!! Mashallah! You’re like the Carrie columns of the makeup and beauty world…love love love

    • Reem! I seriously love you!! You’re too cute! Can’t wait to do your makeup for your wedding! You’re going to look absolutely amazing!! I adore you darling!!!! Soooo much!!!! Xxxxx

  3. 4 Maisa

    We love you too Huda!

  4. 5 Monie Ponie

    😀 We love you more Hoodie!! You’re doing such a wonderful job! Keep it up darling!!!! You’ve been so obsessed with beauty since I can remember! You’re amazing!!!!

  5. 6 Hend

    Oh you’re the sweetest!! we love you too Huda! *hugz*

    & your blog deserves all the hits. I see so many beauty blogs nowadays, but very few impresses me. & yours is certainly one of the few. I always leave your blog with a new learned beauty tip, & that excites me to come back & check your blog. Your truly awesooommmee!

  6. 7 Dalia

    Beautifully written, amazing tips.. It really is lovely, well done missy 🙂 xx D

  7. 8 Sara

    LOOOOVEEE YOUUUU hudei . ofcourse we all read what u write . how can we miss such a fortune. your blog is unique in its sense and content. an acssses to a large data base. love u huidi , beauty queen. xoxooox

  8. 9 alia b

    ur so cute hudie ur blog is amazing & ur amazing xxx

    • Thanks baby!! So happy you like it darling!! Means so much!! 🙂 Xxxxx

  9. 11 Sasha

    Love your blog! Heard about it from a friend and I love all the beauty tips and of course your tutorials. Please do try to do a tutorial on Beyonce’s make up ! You will definately get a lottt of hits on youtube :p Keep up the positive attitude!

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