Vitamin HB: Egg-White Facelift


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Have an important event or date? Looking for an instant face-lift? You may have not known this, but dabbing egg whites onto your skin and allowing to dry before washing off, can give your face an instant lift and reduce the appearance of fine lines!

Spa tip: Add honey and lemon for a  face masque that will be incredibly reviving.

image courtesy of themomsbuzz


12 Responses to “Vitamin HB: Egg-White Facelift”

  1. I didn’t know this. Excellent tip. Would it be any more effective if you left the egg lemon honey mixture on over night?

    • Hi darling! To be honest, I have never tried leaving over night, but I would be curious if there would be a difference. I have tried using it immediately after mixing, and it works really well that way:)

  2. 3 Noor

    this is great and super easy, I’m trying it tomorrow!
    btw have you heard about the “aspirin mask”? i read some reviews about it and apparently it clears skin. (yes i actually research reviews online)

    • I haven’t, but I am sooo trying it! 🙂 haha, I love that you do!! and I love that you share them:) Thank you so much doll!! You seem so fabulous:)

      • Please do a post on the aspirin mask so we can alll try ;o)

  3. 6 surraiya

    black stains on my face how can i remove pls help me

    • what kind of black stains do you have? Please email me directly so we can discuss further,

  4. 8 banouf

    Hello..I check your blog everyday, i abs love the tips but would it be possible for you to do a entry on clearing acne or just anything you know about. Thank you:*

    • Sure darling! That’s a great idea! I will do one very soon just for you! Thanks so much for the support doll!! Means a lot!!! Xxxxx

  5. 10 emie

    thank you for giving me idea to become more beautiful!!!!!!!

  6. 11 Hend

    Cool tip! although im not a fan of the idea of eggwhite on my face haha, but i think the honey & lemon would help alot 😀
    Huda, what beauty mask would you recommend for tired looking skin? 😦

  7. So glad you like it girls!

    Hend! Great Question! Tired looking skin usually has to do with many elements, a lot of those including environment and diet. If I need to give my skin a boost, I usually start with a mini-peel facial (I like Ole Henrikson’s mini-peel,, but any mini-peel will really do). Then I usually increase my water intake quite heavily, at least to the standard required amount, I try 10 cups per day. Also, try taking vitamins and eating fruits that strong in vitamin C, like oranges, some berries, etc. If you change a few things here and there, I believe you will truly have radiant skin. Let me know if that helps boo! 🙂 Xxxx

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