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3 Responses to “Tell Me What You Want!”

  1. 1 Maissa

    Hey Huda, Alia just showed me the blog and I say good on you, as it is very informative and user friendly. Keep up the good work. What I wanted to know is what is the most effective way to contour a nose, as well as the best method and products to use to enhance eyebrows, more defined and well shaped.

    • Hey baby!! I’m so happy you like the blog!! 🙂 I actually have two videos for that, one on eyebrows and one on contouring the nose.

      One thing to keep in mind with regard to eyebrows is whether to use a brow pencil or shadow. The general rule is that shadow creates volume and shouldn’t be used unless you have very thin brows and want to create the illusion of more hairs. Otherwise, stick to liner. For shadows, I use MAC eyeshadows in shade that is close to my clients. As far as brow pencils, I love MAC’s brow pencil in spiked, it’s so awesome and works on virtually all my brunette clients. Love it!

      visit MAC online for more details

  2. 3 Basma

    Hey Huda,I have a fan request.Can you post a Tutorial on Day make up?

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