Fan Question: Adult Acne

Hello Huda, I have watched all of your videos and I love them.  I love playing around with makeup as well and I usually do all of my friends makeup from when we were in high school for prom to our weddings now.  My problem is i never had acne but all of a sudden i have acne and I get scared putting makeup on it cause i dont want to make it worse.  What should i do hide them and the scares? And what do i do so that the pimple doesnt get worse.
Hi darling!!
Oh sweetie, it’s reasons like this that I do my blog! I used to have acne, and I know how horrible it is and how it can make you feel like you don’t want to go out sometimes (in my case anyways, as I would get really severe breakouts).
Unfortunately, skin is a funny thing. I can recommend some things that have been successful for myself and many other people as well, but there is no guarantee. Kind of like when seeing the dermatologist, there is no promise that what they give you is going to work on you. Reason being hormones, stress levels, diet, etc.
However, I would recommend try switching to natural products like Ole Henrikson and if acne is a serious problem use something like Ole Henrikson Blemish Attack Roll On.  It has zinc, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid. All of these ingredients are some of the strongest ingredients to fight acne. You’re supposed to put it directly on the infected area, but I put it all over my face because my skin likes to act crazy and unpredictable. I’ve got a few request on my skin care routine, so I will try to do that soon!
As for makeup with blemishes, I honestly avoid using liquid foundations when I am worried about breakouts. My favorite foundation in the world for sensitive skin, and almost every girl who has tried since being recommended it, has told me they are addicted to it, is the MAC Mineralize Loose foundation.  I honestly prefer staying away from any oil-based products, like liquid foundation when I am hormonal or stressed because my skin just flares up. If you learn how to deal with your skin, there is no reason why you can’t have beautiful skin naturally.
As for the recent breakouts, have you checked with your gyno about any time of irregularities in hormones? You could have PCOS or another very common symptom like that. One in ten women have PCOS and don’t even know about it, that’s just one of many symptoms that could cause adult acne in women. I would definitely consult your gyno.
I hope this helps!! 🙂
I wish you beautiful and glowing skin!!!
Much love:*

3 Responses to “Fan Question: Adult Acne”

  1. 1 Noor

    adult acne sucks! i didn’t have acne during my teenage years and i thought i’ll be acne free forever..but just a few months ago my skin decided to get back at me or somthing
    (i swear it feels personal). Thanks for the tips Huda, i’ve been using dr,brandt acne no more solution but it doesn’t seem to do anything i’ll look for Ole Henrikson tomorrow.
    As for the makeup i don’t even try to hide my breakout (i try to shame it into disappearing lol, but i agree with Mac mineralize foundation it’s great)
    i did notice though that my skin clears when i regularly work out, and maintain a healthy diet (but of course i lack discipline to keep that up for a long period).

    • Darlings!! Thank you both so much sharing more tips!! I know everyone, especially myself, we all value all of your tips! You girls are fantastic and such wonderful people for getting involved and sharing! 🙂 I seriously thank you sooo much:)

  2. 3 Alya

    Thanks Hoodie for the great tips. I would like to add the following information.

    Never squeeze or pick at pimples because this causes scarring and more breakouts.
    Also, I found this on “The biggest breakthrough in acne treatment has been the development of topical retinoic acid, a form of vitamin A. New slow-release forms of this medicine greatly reduce the irritation it can cause.”

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