Remarkably Red


By Huda Heidi Kattan

As much as trends for hair and makeup change, there are some classic colors and styles that are fool-proof throughout the decades, one of those trends being beautiful red nails.  Of all my favorite nail polishes in my nail kit, one of the best colors and formulas is ‘Revlon Red’ from Revlon.  The shade of red is just perfect. It’s provocative and playful at the same time.

What I love best, is that it dries super fast with no top-coat needed, which is perfect when you’re on a photo shoot! And after years of reading rave reviews on the product from other beauty bloggers, it’s clear that the quality is superb! To me, this color is an absolute staple to every woman’s nail kit! At less than $10 (37 AED) per bottle, this just seems to good to be true! Enjoy!

Available at Boots pharmacy (Dubai) and everywhere cosmetics are sold (US).

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5 Responses to “Remarkably Red”

  1. 1 Hend

    I love reading product reviews 😀

    I have tried Revlon nail polishes before, & for the price they’re great.
    I really think Revlon is the best drugstore brand for nail polishes.

    Haven’t tried the ‘Remarkably Red’ shade yet, but this is certainly on my shopping list.

    Thanks Huda for the product alerts. xox

    • 2 Hend

      Oh I just figured out that the shade is not ‘Remarkable Red’, its ‘Revlon Red’.
      haha excuse my sleepy brain.

      • OMG! You’re adorable!! 🙂 Seriously!!! :*

  2. 4 Annabella

    this is polish very great nail polish. i was shock when i try it bc its not like that name, but it stay very very long and shine was great

    thnx u huda beso xx

    • Yes, this product is amazing! Thank you so much for your support and for following the blog! 🙂

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