Purify Your Face


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I was asked the other day about my face wash, and I am not going to lie, for the longest time I did not know if I would ever find one worth talking about. Luckily, a few years ago I was introduced to one that I cannot live without.

Philosophy’s Purity face wash is simply fantastic.  It cleanses extremely well and is great for removing makeup (and sometimes, it’s a lot of makeup), but it is also extremely mild and has a toner in the wash that helps keep skin clear.

I take this with me everywhere and I also keep one in my kit if a model shows up with makeup (where there is always a very positive response after using).   Out just over 4,000 votes on Sephora, it’s no surprise that it has almost 5 stars and won the Best of Sephora award for 2008.  Allure and Elle magazine couldn’t agree more and have both rated this product as one of their top beauty choices.  Just a few months ago, Elle reported that Philosophy’s Purity face wash was one of their top 5 ‘world’s best’ beauty products.  Geez! When you’re good, you’re good!

Philosophy will be available at Sephora in Dubai Mall very soon (stay posted). Available where Philosophy is sold or online.

image courtesy of amazon


15 Responses to “Purify Your Face”

  1. 1 Noor

    i cant wait for them to sell it in sephora !

  2. 2 Elizabeth

    I am buying this!

  3. 3 Maisa

    ME TOO!!!!!

  4. I use this too! It really does clear your skin. it’s the best I have ever used. I also love the hope in a jar too. Great products.

    • Seems like everyone is a fan of Hope in a Jar! I may need to post on this soon! 🙂 Thank you sooo much for the insight darling!!! Xxxx

  5. 6 Noody

    You can find Philosophy in a shop at Palmstrip mall, jumeirah beach road. Im not sure of the name though, sorry.

    • I tried calling today and wasn’t able to find any stores that sold Philosophy:( Sephora will be selling it soon. I will be sure to let everyone know when they do!! Xxx

  6. 8 Betsy

    It must be great! Def. have to get this! I use Philosophy’s Amazing Grace firming lotion and i absolutely love it!

  7. 9 Yasmine


  8. 10 Noody

    Huda, it is in the shop downstairs next to mytime salon & the optics shop. Its pretty new the shop thats why not many have heard of it.

  9. 11 1234

    The shop in palm strip is called “makeup etc”

  10. 12 anjali gadh

    I have oily skin and i also breakout occasionally so can you please tell me the best products for my skin….thanks

  11. 13 Sneha

    Hello Huda,

    I have come across some excellent skin care tips on your blog. Impressive. However, I dont believe in discussing my skin type or issues via the net as there are chances of confusion. Is there a way to meet you in person and discuss futher. An immediate response will be appreciated.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi doll! Yes, please email me huda@hudabeauty.com and send me some pics of your concerns and I will do my best to figure out it is we need to do to get your skin where you want it. Hope to hear from you! 🙂 Huda Xxx

  12. 15 Jen

    I actually use this face wash, its wonderful

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