The GuY-Factor: Smooth Operator


By Huda Heidi Kattan

My brother has extremely coarse and thick hair all over his body and face.  Unfortunately, this causing him excruciating pain after wards in the form of irritation and bumps. In an effort to find him a kick-ass-bump-disolver, I stumbled across this. This predominantly aloe based post shave healer works wonders for men! Use it in any areas that prone to irritation and watch your man praise you with thanks!

A little info about ‘The GuY-Factor’

So apparently a lot of my great guy friends follow this post (thank you guys SOOO much!! seriously) and they have been telling me that women have so much information for maintaining themselves, but men have a hard time. Well to all the great men in my life, I dedicate this new (weekly) addition to my blog to you.  If you have a man who needs some tlc in the form of some pampering, then this portion of the blog will help you give him a little love:)

image courtesy of clinique


2 Responses to “The GuY-Factor: Smooth Operator”

  1. 1 james

    Yay, Hu!

  2. 2 Alya

    Great post idea!!! You rock!!

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