Brow Perfect!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

If you know me or have worked with me, you probably know how much importance I emphasize on brows.  Contrary to popular belief, brows do not frame the face, they really have far more importance than that–they balance your face, which is so much more important!

If you have eyebrows that are perfectly shaped and don’t need any filling, then bravo! You are truly blessed. But if you are like the rest of us normal good-brow-loving-enthusiast and want the perfect brows, then you may need to fill in a hair or two.

Watch out, filling eyebrows in incorrectly can cause an effect that will not be favorable, even  if Frida is your first name! Luckily, this brow pencil from MAC is the cure-all. It creates great depth, but brushed with a spooley and the lines fade into a natural looking brow! It’s so good that I keep this in my kit, at home in my personal kit and in my purse. With this amazing pencil, there truly is no reason why anyone can’t have great brows!

My favorite color is spiked (not pictured). Available where MAC is sold or online.

image courtesy of maccosmetics


7 Responses to “Brow Perfect!”

  1. 1 Melissa

    Buying it! Thanks!!!

  2. I use MAC’s brow shader in maple/soft charcoal…i only use the dark color to fill out a couple of tiny spaces using Bobbi Brown’s eyebrow brush

    it makes a huge difference! i love it

  3. 3 Reema

    Great tip Huda!! I was using shadow before but it never seemed to look right! I’m going to MAC now!!!!!

    • Hi doll!! The idea is that shadow creates volume and therefore gives your brows a thicker appeal. If you have eyebrows that are pretty full, liner is the way to go! Xxxx

  4. 5 Mona

    Love it Hoodie!! Can you write about shaping brows next?? LOVE U!!

    • Thanks doll!! 🙂 Check out my video on how to shape brows!

  5. 7 Courtney

    Awesome, just what I was looking for! Thanks beautiful!

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