Vitamin HB: Skin Problems Solved!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Yogurt may be a great mid-meal snack, but ever think about putting it on your face? Yogurt is great for cleansing, clarify pores, fighting acne, and moisturizing the skin.  The ingredients in yogurt, including the natural live cultures are powerful for treating skin conditions like eczema and acne.  Yogurt has the ability to act as a power-mask that will also sooth redness and reduce oiliness–basically it helps regulate our skin and create radiance.  Sound too good to be true? Try it!  Skin out of control? Put some yogurt on it! Its lactic-acid helps calm any irritations and even help deal with sunburn. I use this every time  after I am in the sun to help cool my skin.

Yogurt Face Mask :

Measure one cup plain (organic preferable) yogurt and place in a bowl.  Wash face with cleanser and warm water then pat dry.  Using your fingers, spread yogurt all over face and neck area.  Leave for 15-20 minutes then gently rinse face with warm water.  Feel free to repeat this process as needed, daily or weekly.

image courtesy of sofeminine


17 Responses to “Vitamin HB: Skin Problems Solved!”

  1. Sitting with a mask of yogurt on as I type. Feels fabulous. Thanks for another great post.

    • How cute are you:)

  2. 3 Alya

    Wow, I had no idea!!! I am doing this!!! Great post!!

  3. Feels like i’ve just had a facial. Wish I’d tried this long ago.

  4. 5 Eman

    i tried it n i must say, it works wonders! i just added ur blog to my bookmark, love the entries! thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Thank you sooo much darling!! Sooo happy you like the blog!!! 🙂 And yes, this is amazing!! I was so happy when I first tried it, it is so relaxing! Xxx

  5. 7 zeina zerrough

    Have u ever tried yogurt+avocado??? I read ur last post on the benefits of avocado and I decided to mix both! Its FANTASTIC!!! My skin looked wayyyy better!

    • No! I have not!! But I have heard of it! So glad to know someone, especially a hot diva, who has tried this and loves it! This is next on my list of things to do! 🙂 Xxx Thanks for sharing darling!!! XXxx

  6. 9 Sophia

    Huda there’s a great way to combat red marks (from recent acne)…just wanted to share this with you! After numerously experimenting i’ve discovered that applying Vaseline (Vitamin E) on red marks on the face overnight will immediately heal these and lighten the complexion…a great way for your skin to heal! 🙂

    • NO WAY!!! This is fantastic!!! I hope you don’t mind if I share this in a Vitamin HB! Such a great tip!! Do you mind if I credit you?

  7. 11 Sophia

    Thanks sweetie no need to credit don’t worry about it…also Opera reportedly uses Vaseline to combat wrinkles…haven’t tried but I’m guessing it’s for women in their thirties and above!

  8. 12 jexyxy

    my mom always does this buh i used t find it weird..i’ve no idea how she started it buh yea imma tell her that her smart-ness is official now.loool thnx huda, ur awsm!! =) ❤

  9. 13 Weaam

    Hey Huda!

    I totally agree, my mother used to combine cucumbers with the yogurt for extra soothing 🙂

    shredded cucumber’s that is preferably kept cold 🙂

    Hope this is useful!


    • I can’t wait to try this one!!! Thanks for sharing baby!! Xxx

  10. 15 Alya

    Tried this!!! I love it!!! It is amazing!!

  11. 16 Nicky

    Hay Hunda…How do u treat un-even skin…some parts of my skin is fair n some are can I make darker part fair n make it even skin????????

  12. this mask actually reduced my laugh wrinkles 😛

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