Vitamin HB | Post-Workout-Acne


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Is the post-workout acne affecting your workout?  After all, working out should be making us more healthy and beautiful, right? Well, if you are prone to acne, follow these quick and easy tips on how to keep your clean squicky clean of any blemishes before and after your workout.

Tips on staying clear post workout:

  1. Make sure your skin is clean before you workout. Yes, this may seem pretty self-explanatory, but if you have oils already on your skin, then this will increase the likelihood of breakouts when you sweat. If you don’t have time to bathe before hand, try just rubbing down the areas that you are prone to breakouts with mild toner, like witch hazel.
  2. If you are very much prone to acne, then try using a cream that has salicylic acid or zinc before you work out.
  3. Make sure you  wear clothing that does dry very quickly so that when you do sweat, it will not hold to your skin.
  4. Try to bathe immediately after your workout if possible. If you don’t have the time, then try to dab any area that may be sweaty with a soft tissue (toilet paper is usually the best option).

image courtesy of fortfitness


4 Responses to “Vitamin HB | Post-Workout-Acne”

  1. I appreciate these tips!
    Very useful! Hope they help me, since my skin is so sensitive!!

    • I hope it helps too!! But Keep me posted as to how it works!! I hope you love it!! XXxx 🙂

  2. 3 Alya

    Another great post!!! You rock!!!

    • Thank you boo!! Xxx

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