GuY-Factor | Guybrows


By Huda Heidi Kattan

When it comes to brows, I get a lot of questions from guys as far as how to properly groom their brows.  I have been asked if there is a fine line between plucking too much, and to be honest, there really isn’t when it comes to guybrows.  The best thing to do is to keep it as natural as possible and to stay away from touching anything around the arch or the tip.  The only thing that should really be touched, if necessary, is the middle part of the brow above the nose. At most, the space between your eyebrows should be 1/2 inch apart. The best idea is to really do as little as possible to your brows and keep them natural and masculine.  All I can say is, you guys have it easy!

image courtesy of venusandmarz


One Response to “GuY-Factor | Guybrows”

  1. 1 anonymous

    Hi Huda,
    Thank you for all the great tips on your wonderful blog. I am a female with an issue with my eyebrows and would like your feedback, no matter where i end up going to have it done they can never get it right, i resorted to having them done on my own and ended up over plucking them. How would you suggest i pluck them, or would you be able to recommend a good place i can have them done at?

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