Hollywood Swan


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s nice to know celebrities were not born so perfect! Here are some of my favorite celebrity before and after photos. It’s incredible at how much some of these girls have transformed!

Above: Sarah Jessica Parker

Jennifer Aniston

Tyra Banks

Julia Roberts

Jennifer Lopez

Halle Berry


Scarlett Johansson


14 Responses to “Hollywood Swan”

  1. 1 Lara

    I think that Julia Roberts is the only one that didn’t change drastically! Look at SJP, OMG!!

  2. 2 R

    i luuuuuvvved julia and Scarlett before and after they didnt change much

  3. 3 Nadia

    Julia was always beautiful but SJP? Shock!!

  4. 4 nikky michael

    i think madonna is d persn dat didnt change much,she was beautiful and still beautiful

  5. 5 Alya

    Wow!!!! Haha, can’t believe this!!! Thanks for posting!

  6. 6 Mai

    are u suuuuuure about these photos?? coz boooooy oh booooy

  7. 7 Noor

    Julia is so beautiful! I love her! SJP, ouch!

  8. I always liked how Jennifer Aniston’s looked in her earlier years. I want Halle Barry’s surgeon!

    • haha, yes I KNOW!! 🙂 We need to find him and bring him to us! 🙂

  9. 10 Khadija

    All I want to know if where did Tyra Banks get her nose job done ?! Incredible work!

  10. 11 nada

    me too i wanna know if jennifer aniston got nose job?!

  11. 12 Mariam Al Qubaisi

    Inspirational 🙂

  12. 13 Shelly

    And to think, I always thought SJP was just comfortable with what God gave her…she paid for that nose??? Oooweee!

  13. 14 salma

    hi dear ,

    OMG!!!!!!!! No comment !

    kind regards

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