Vitamin HB | Au Naturale Highlighter


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Looking for a natural way to lighten up this summer but don’t want to damage your locks? Well there may be an easy way! Try taking 1-2 lemons and squeezing the juice on your hair (ignore the seeds, they’ll wash out later!). Let sit in the sun for 25 minutes then follow by washing and conditioning as normal, and voila! Beautiful highlights!

Keep in mind, if you have light brown to blond hair you will have blond highlights and if you have black to dark brown, your hair will turn into a reddish highlight.

image courtesy of sodahead


7 Responses to “Vitamin HB | Au Naturale Highlighter”

  1. Almost every post you post hits the spot!! I think you can read my mind. Who needs beauty mags when you have Hudabeauty♡ keep up the awesome work x
    Just a little thought though, does the lemon not dry out your hair?

    • 🙂 Darling! You are seriously too sweet!! 🙂 To be honest, my sister did this for years and she loved it. You would think lemon with all of its acidic components would be drying, but it actually pretty good for your hair and there are many at home hair masks (some conditioning ones) that request the use of lemon. So it should be fine. If anything would be drying it would be the sun, so I definitely recommend staying in the sun less than 25 minutes if you feel worried.

      PS OMG! Just checked out your blog!! It’s AMAZING!! I am officially a HUGE fan! I can’t cook, so this is perfect for me!! 🙂

      • Thanks for the advice. Now all I need is a little sun to shine down on Japan for 25 mins 😀
        Thank you so much for subscribing to by blog. I’m so happy you like it. If you try out any of my recipes, please let me know how they went. Looking forward to hearing what you think. ♥

      • I am DEFINITELY going to try to cook something!! Everything looks sooo good on there!! It will have to be something easy though, my kitchen and I are not friends! i will definitely let you know how it goes darling!!! Xx

  2. 5 Lizzy

    I used to do this when I was in junior high, it works goodl. I should start doing it again, bleach dries my hair out I think my hair can’t take it anymore. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. 6 Alya

    I was thinking of doing this the other day. Thanks for posting darling!!!

  4. 7 Noor

    this is amazing! i don’t dye my hair and i was looking for some subtle change! thanks hun! xxx

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