By Huda Heidi Kattan

There are way too many hotVogue covers for me to put them in just one post, but I will try my best. Here are some of my favorite cover shoots for Vogue throughout the decades.


5 Responses to “VOGUE”

  1. 1 Kortni

    I love looking at the pictures in Vogue lol, as far as stories not so much because I think Vogue can be a little vapid at times. Plus all the clothes in their are out of most people’s price range, and I don’t like Anna Wintour. But the pictures are great, I like it better when they have models on the cover, celebs make it like every other magazine.
    I have a makeup question, how would I send you a pic of a really cool makeup look, that would be really great if you could do a tutorial on the look….

    • Hi doll! Of course you can send me a pic!! Send it to my email address huda@hudabeauty.com. I definitely agree with you about Vogue (so many magazines for that matter!)–love the pics, not so much the writing! To me, Vogue has some of the best editorials though. They get the makeup, photography, and wardrobe element, plus they use great models! I’m really happy you like the post darling!! And I can’t wait to get your email!! Xx

  2. 3 Noor

    i love the long red nails in most of them,i think we should bring back the glam red nails! thanks for sharing Huda xxx

    • I TOTALLY agree!! I saw this pic of Beyonce wearing rounded long red nails—-sick! Sooo hot! I just wish I had patience to grow my nails! You have fabulous, timeless taste doll!! 🙂

  3. 5 Alya

    Love this!!

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