Vitamin HB | 3 Bad Habits to Break


By Huda Heidi Kattan

There are many things that we can do to make us more beautiful on a daily basis, but with every good, there are bad things that can cause the opposite effect.  Here are three bad beauty habits to break, ASAP!3 Bad Anti-Beauty Habits

  1. Working out in your makeup — Makeup blocks your sweat from releasing pores and wearing even the lightest amount of makeup while you workout can cause skin to breakout.
  2. Hair overblow — Blowdrying your hair is super drying for your hair. The affects might not be obvious right away, but subjecting your hair to such heat, causes damage and dullness of hair.
  3. Skipping the Moisturizer — Yes, when you are young you don’t seem to need too much moisturizer, but as we mature, our skin really starts to show whether we mistreated it or not.  Make it a regular habit to moisturize before bed and when you get out of the shower. This will keep your skin looking young and silky! (I keep lotion on my nightstand and next to my bathtub so I am constantly reminded).

image courtesy of glamour


3 Responses to “Vitamin HB | 3 Bad Habits to Break”

  1. 1 DimaB

    I like this.

    I definitely could use some of this knowledge.

    Thank You Hoods

  2. 2 Alya

    Love it, thanks for sharing.

  3. 3 maryam

    wt abt using face moisturizer when we work out?
    i used to use it everyday but my face started to get some tiny pimples after i started to workout..

    donno whether it has to do anything with the type of the cream or not? i was using Loreal day and night cream.

    btw i adore u huda and i love ur blog n i voted for ur blog.

    kiss kiss

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