Let Me Reintroduce Myself


By Huda Heidi Kattan

One thing is for sure, JLo is undoubtely one of the biggest makeup divas in Hollywood! So when Scott Barnes introduced his Body Bling, which JLo swears by, all makeup lovers and product junkies got a little excited! Was all the excitement worth it? The product is phenomenal to say the least! It makes your skin look unbelievably gorgeous and tanned without the smell! No wonder it’s the number one instant tanner used by celebrities and celebrity makeup artist.

Now with Scotts’ reintroduction of the product, there is more to love! The new and improved formula allows for better application and the packaging is ultra-chic.  Body Bling also comes in two shades now, Body Bling Original for a natural look, or Body Bling Platinum, which has a touch of shimmer perfect for a night out! I’ll take one two of both!

image courtesy of scottbarnes


6 Responses to “Let Me Reintroduce Myself”

  1. 1 Jam

    Thanks for this ! I have been looking for the perfect self tanner and this one gets your approval so it should be quite good ! !

    Where can i get this here in Dubai as I haven’t seen it anywhere . . . .

    Thanks !!

  2. 2 Alya

    Will be buying this! Thanks beautiful!

  3. 3 mw

    Never used this, but I have used the Body illuminating bronzer by Lorac, and its the best thing Ive bought in a long time. I buy it in bulk lol

  4. 4 alya

    wow!! i always look for those lovely products!! where can i find them in dubai?!

    thank you,

    • HI ALYA,

      YOU CAN GET IT HERE: http://scottbarnes.com/

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