Italian Vogue Loves Curves


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Has anyone seen Vogue Italia’s Curvy Page? It’s AWESOME! And it’s so amazing to see a magazine as big as Vogue to dedicate a whole site to curvy women who are proud of their curves! Some of the wonderful features of the page are daily suggestions, what to wear, how to’s, and a ‘Curvy Blog’! Seriously cool!

These women made the list for Italian Vogue’s ‘Curvy Icons’.

(above: Reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian)

Liv Tyler’s sister, Mia Tyler

Mad Men Starlet, Christina Hendricks


4 Responses to “Italian Vogue Loves Curves”

  1. All beautiful women. Their confidence really shines through too! We should all aim for that. 🙂

    Christina Hendricks is one of my favourite women in the business, ever since I saw her in Firefly.

    • I love your comment doll!! I completely 100% agree with you!! Some of them are so fierce! It’s sexier than anything else!! I love it!! Xx

  2. Love this!! Christina Hendricks and Koutney K have really made me proud of my curves – – love this post and love that Italian V is loving curves too.

    • I feel you baby!! I was so happy and proud when I saw this! I love curves and they are what truly represent feminine beautiful strong women!! 🙂

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