“Vogue Africa” Gets Turned Down


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am huge fan of Vogue magazine mostly because I love their editorials! However, when I saw that they turned down the idea for Vogue Africa, I was totally bummed. I think it would have been amazing to get some African influence straight from the source, after all, Vogue already operates out of over a dozen countries.  Mario Epanya, the photographer-makeup artist-hairstylist-genius behind the concept was very upset to hear that the magazine refused to launch Vogue Africa.  He did create several “sample” covers and shoots, which in my opinion, are awesome and really give you the feel of African culture, fashion, and art!!

source and image credits fashionbombdaily, africastyledaily, voguefeedsme


6 Responses to ““Vogue Africa” Gets Turned Down”

  1. 1 angela

    Their loss I say. It’d be fresh to see african beauty on Vogue….

    • Dear huda

      Thank you much for your support ,and also want to thank you for the Buzz,it’s important to take time to say it cos it’s because of Blogs like your that Great things happens .keep on doing great

      Mario epanya

    • 3 alya

      Wow can’t believe that, agree with Angela. Great post.

  2. wow- quite surprising..wonder why they turned it down-they scared because they dont understand the demographics/market of ‘Africa’? or have they done research and think that there isn’t enough purchasing power?
    I know glossy magazines have really taken off on the continent + the large population of ‘Afropolitan’ women all over the world who would have been thrilled to see this. Agree that it is their loss–ideas wait for nooone so for every big magazine that declines I hope that theres a young entrepreneur somewhere who will find a way to make it work.

    Gorgeous images and great post!

    • 5 JAMICAL

      I would have bought it. These images are breath takingly beautiful. I agree with you. Hope someone takes this ideal and builds on it.

  3. 6 selina

    Sorry for the late commenting, but just discovered your fab blog and spending my friday going through it. As a African, lived in London for 20 years and now in Dubai working in Luxury Fashion I feel this is what we need – Vogue Africa. African beauty is so diverse (in terms of skin colour) and I think the world needs to see the glamorous side of Africa and see its not so bad as the media portrays esp when it comes to Black Women.

    Shame they are not going ahead with it

    Huda – I simply love your blog

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