Beautiful Disaster?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I would like to begin by saying I love Vogue, especially Italian Vogue.  There most recent photo shoot, however, has got a lot of people talking. Illustrating the most recent tragedy with BP’s inexcusable oil spill disaster,  Steven Meisel shot a model imitating the animals that were victims to the spill. As much as I love Meisel’s work and the magazine, this is just a bit too much for me! I was really saddened by the photos of the animals I saw. What do you guys think? Is this creative or cruel?

image credits fashiongonerogue


3 Responses to “Beautiful Disaster?”

  1. 1 Hamdah

    Im a photographer so im really into this shoot and the way he combined a serious issue with fashion, which is always very interesting. i really admire the way the model imitated animals, it just all spoke out to me. On the other hand i’m also a reader of the magazine and it wont appeal to me to buy a certain dress that i saw on an editorial like it.

  2. 2 Tara

    I think this is really pushing the envelope – true to Vogue style. They are always the ones to do something different and although i find it a little hard to look at, i think that it is very artistically gruesome – in a good way!
    I also have to agree with Hamdah- very interesting editorial but it would definitely not compel me to look at the clothes…not where they a focal point to me at all.

  3. 3 Cassidy

    I agree! And the reason we all love Vogue so much is because it’s NOT Cosmo; it has depth and substance and cutting-edge perceptions of the world and, obviously, fashion. With that said, I would like to (respectfully) point out that, although this IS Vogue, yes, I don’t think the clothes are the focal point in an editorial as controversial and outlandish as this. To me this is further augmented by the low contrast (and even the actual distinction) between the colors of the clothes and the setting. How do I feel about it? I don’t know. Artistically, it’s bold and I think bold is always beautiful in its own right, but quite honestly, a couple of those photos made me sick to my stomach. But maybe that’s the point.

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