Hot or Not? Paris Hilton


By Huda Heidi Kattan

This past week, Paris Hilton was seen flaunting a Marilyn Monroe look at the launch of her newest fragrance “Tease”. The heiress may have been channeling the old-Hollywood siren, in my opinion, Paris’ normal makeup is much better on her! What do you guys think?

image credits dailymail, celebritygossip


3 Responses to “Hot or Not? Paris Hilton”

  1. 1 Alya

    I like it! Did you hear she is being sued by her extension company? I can’t remember the amount but it was a crazy number like 30 million.

  2. It doesn’t suit her. Even the hair-do didn’t justify the shape of her face. LiLo’s monroe look was better. imo 🙂

  3. 3 Hend

    The look is sooo glamorous, i like it..
    & what happened to the beauty mark? looks like she wiped it away.. haha XD

    as for the perfume, i tried her 1st, .. didnt like it,
    & 2nd.. mm it was ok
    & 3rd naah
    & 4th.. pass
    so i dont think ill try this out! haha..

    have u tried any of her perfumes huda?

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