HOT or NOT? Kim Bangin’


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Kim Kardashian recently donned a new do, showing off some pretty soft, long bangs. According to Glamour and Instyle magazines, bangs have been one of the hottest trends this season. What do you guys think? Hot or Not?

Check out the rest of the photos here!

image credits zimbio


10 Responses to “HOT or NOT? Kim Bangin’”

  1. 1 pooja

    Bangs look perfect on her heart shaped face.I wish i could pull it off like her 😦

  2. 2 Hend

    Love it! especially tha last 2 pix! i love how its framing her face!
    now i want too!! ;D

  3. 3 Mona

    I’ve always had short bangs – it’s only recently that i’ve decided to grow my fringe & wear it long.. Now these pix are making me itch to reach for the scissors!!! XD

  4. Love the bangs on her! Hate the lashes :&

  5. Love the bangs on her! Hate the lashes in the first pic :&

  6. Btw (dont mean to spam) but i just read somewhere that it’s actually a fringe piece…she didn’t really cut her hair!

  7. 7 Monalisa

    I think she looks more soft and feminine, with the other style I think she looks more sexy 😉 Both are hottt

  8. 8 Alya

    I like her without bangs better!

  9. 9 Mai

    I’m so over her all together!

  10. 10 Thaj

    First of all, I LOVE KIM! PLease do more posts about her, LOL. Secondly, I love her natural do more although this is hot, too! Thirdly, they’re clip in extension bang, so obvious, you can tell from the hair line.. I have the same one from Jessica Simpson’s extension line xx

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