Essentially Beautiful!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

What would you say about products that were imported straight from the Himalayas to you? What about a product that was super natural where you recognized and understood the ingredients? Like the sound of that? I thought so!

Recently, I was given the pleasure to try a brand called Essentials. I love the brand specifically for it’s gentle effectiveness! It’s very much natural (100% organic), however it almost instantly gives you results! Packaging is super simple as well as the ingredient list. For instance, the main ingredients in many of their products, including their Under Eye Gel and Hydra 5 moisturizer, are spring water, aloe vera gel, and honey.

I love their Henna and Licorice shampoo and conditioner that fights hair fall! Also their Firm Skin Cream is excellent as a great decolletage cream. The Under Eye Gel is a super hydrating and tightening gel that feels amazingly tight when applied to skin!

You can find these products at most major pharmacies, select beauty salons, and spas.

image credits of womenbeauty


6 Responses to “Essentially Beautiful!”

  1. 1 Jen

    Great post!

  2. 2 Alya

    Love it!!! Thanks!!

  3. Great post! We should email for enquiries and methods to order, correct?

  4. 4 Aline

    Yes it is

  5. 5 Heba

    Im not in favor of direct marketing

  6. 6 Bodour

    Hello Huda! i loveeeeee ur blog 🙂 i want to know is using a toner important? and what are the best products for damaged hair.


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