GaGa’s Vanity


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Not only is she the most followed woman on Twitter, but in such short time, Lady GaGa has been regarded as one of the biggest pop and fashion influences of our time.  For September, GaGa graces the cover of Vanity Fair, which just released their latest alternative covers.  I love GaGa’s gray wig featured in the magazine, while she may be known for her “interesting” selection of hair styles, the fame monsters pink and blond wig (directly below) is my favorite! Which one do you like?


4 Responses to “GaGa’s Vanity”

  1. 1 Kortni

    I love GaGa! I am a little monster….BUT, I absolutely HATE when people call her “one of the biggest influences of our time” she’s only been popular for 2 years, and we all know, popularity doesn’t last. Let’s see where she is in 10 years before we jump to give people titles. As for her hair, I wanna see her with black hair or like green hair. Platinum blonde is so typical and to be expected, but GaGa is an artist so hopefully she’ll “re-invent” herself.

    • I remember you saying this before and I think it’s a really great point, with GaGa’s attention, I wonder if she’ll be able to sustain it. I hope so, but then again there’s also new artist constantly coming out. I do think GaGa can compete though, we’ll see!! 🙂

  2. 3 Hamda

    she is too much of a freak for me !! i luv her music, but what she does with her looks is just not normal !! 😛

  3. 4 Alya

    She must be doing something right if she is the most followed woman on Twitter. I don’t really care for her but I do like her music. I also like the pink and blonde wig the best from all her hair styles.

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