How Embarrassing


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’m not sure if the person who did this got fired, but it has been all over the internet as a truly embarrassing moment for Glamour UK. It appears as though someone has completely forgotten to complete the editing for this photo and has left one of her arms completely rippled and the other blotchy, while her legs are only partially retouched. It looks like they began slimming her legs and took an extra long lunch break and forgot to finish. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again, but this a great reminder that the images we see in photographs have been tremendously edited to look slimmer and more attractive than reality!

image credits lovelyish


5 Responses to “How Embarrassing”

  1. 1 alinor

    what a reliefe …?? shooowhhhh

  2. 2 Mai

    hahahaha busteeeed

  3. 3 Fatoom

    Jessica Beil has an EXCELLENT body.. I would have never thought she needed to touch up her pics because she actually does have a kick ass body!! Her body is ripped!!! Love her bod!!

  4. 4 Mona

    Uh-oh!!! >_<;

    • I know!! Not good!

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