How to Wear It | The Fishtail Braid


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey my darlings!! So not too long ago, I posted that My Fash Diary and Huda Beauty were collaborating to bring you fashion and beauty in one! Well, fashionista extraordinaire, Tala Samman (founder and editor of My Fash Diary) and myself sat down the other day and we decided to take on a new approach, which we are SOOO excited about!  We decided that I would do trends in makeup and hair and then Tala would recreate the look based on my videos and then show us how she would wear the entire look!  I really hope you guys like this new collaboration! There are many videos and looks to come! Yaay! 🙂

Tala’s look: Dress from Brazil, Clutch by Alexander Mcqueen, necklace from Tigerlily Boutique, Sunglasses by Prada.  To view more of Tala’s “Look of the Day” for different days check out MyFashDiary!



5 Responses to “How to Wear It | The Fishtail Braid”

  1. 1 Sumi

    I luv this, 2 cool, gr8 job gurls!

    • Thanks sweets!!! 🙂 Xxxx

  2. 3 Hessa

    Huda, this is the coolest idea I have seen between bloggers

  3. I’ve always loved fishtail and always wanted to try them!
    Thanks Huda!

  4. 5 Alya

    Wow what an awsome idea!!! Keep them coming!! Great tutorial!!!

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