Jessica Hall Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Not too long ago I posted a picture of Jessica Hall and I got a bunch of questions about her makeup in the picture! I actually loved the makeup as well, soooo I did a tutorial for you guys! It was a really beautiful purple smokey eye and it was just gorgeous!! If you don’t like purple for any reason, you can also use another color! This look works with pretty much any color you like, which makes it perfect for the most recent trends off the runway of super colorful eye makeup! Enjoy!!

image credits wikimedia


9 Responses to “Jessica Hall Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial”

  1. 1 Lizzy

    Huda, i love this look so much. i also love that you used revlon makeup and its easily accessible. I have a question for you. I’m trying to find a foundation for myself and i havent had much luck in the past. I have pretty oily skin, acne prone and i have slight redness. If thats not the worse face ever then what is. I was just wondering if you had any foundation advice and what foundation i should try (without having to spend a load of money) that would be awesome! thanks so much

    • 2 Leeanne

      Lizzy, i have similar skin and always used Chanel foundation -which is amazing but not at all friendly on your wallet. You should try the Revlon Photo Ready foundation, i love it and find for a less expensive brand the quality and coverage is great. Since i stopped using Chanel i have been trying all different brands to find the best and this one is a keeper, i shall be buying it again when it runs out!x

      • 3 Lizzy

        Thanks so much Leeanne! That really helps! i was thinking about getting Revlon colorstay for combination/oily skin. i’ve done alot of research online and so hopefully i come out liking it. i always have a hard time finding the right color though, so hopefully i can figure it out. I’ll be sure be giving the photo ready a try as well! Thanks again! 🙂

  2. I am in love with your blog over all!!

    where can I find the beauty blender you’re using? I live in Kuwait.

    any idea if it is available in GCC countries?



    • 5 alinor

      Yep… your beauty blender Huda…? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,tell us where can we ger it from …

  3. 6 Alya

    Great tutorial!!! Love this look!!! Just wish I can re-create this look and all your videos. Need you to always do my make-up!

  4. 7 Mai

    oh i looooove this look! I’m actually going for purple makeup for my sister’s wedding.. I might just end up doin my own makeup thanks to this tutorial 😉

    Thanks hun.. xoxo

  5. Well Hello there! I am Jessica’s make-up artist and I did her make-up in the picture. Thank you for the compliments!!!! Just a quick advise on the foundation….even though water based foundation is good for oily skin I still suggest to use cream based foundation because water based is not hydrating. No matter how oily you are, the key is hydration. Cream based foundation is pretty much moisturizer with a pigment. Never use MAC foundation because it is not hypoalergenic and it is very bad for your skin. xoxo

    • Hi Katarina!!! I looove your makeup!! It’s amazing!! 😉 I really love the look you did for Jessica! 🙂 Thank you soooo much for visiting and for the wonderful tip!! This is very helpful!! Any foundation you suggest using? Please let us know!! 🙂 XXXXxxxx

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