How To Wear It | Vamp Lips Tutorial


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey guys!! It’s about that time!! Another Huda Beauty and My Fash Diary collaboration! This week we have chosen the vamp lip, which has been extremely hot for fall! It’s such a fun and subtly dramatic look. It’s perfect for fall and great for those days where you want to look like being fashionable just comes natural! Love this look and Tala looks gorgeous! I love the way she dressed the look up! I want her boots!


8 Responses to “How To Wear It | Vamp Lips Tutorial”

  1. 1 Thaj

    Theres not a day where I dont check ur blog! Im obsessed! Good job gorgeous xxxxxx

    • Aww!! Thank you sooo much baby!!!! You are sooooo sweet!! 🙂 I am so happy you like the blog darling!! 🙂 XXXxx

  2. 3 alinor

    wohooooo that’s what am talking about Vampy looks , right on time , halloween is just around the corner ….

    • 🙂 yaaay!!! Sooo happy you like it darling!! 🙂 XXXxxx


  4. when I wear dark or glossy lipstick it always shows on my teeth, any solution?

  5. 7 Alya

    Great video, love the look!!! Great job!!!

  6. 8 Ronda Basim

    Hi Huda!! Thanks for all the great tips, but I have a different question. I am very fair skinned with very fine, light black eyebrows (when I was a teenager, people would ask me if I dyed my naturally black hair a dark shade because my eyebrows were so light compared to my hair). Do you have any solution to making brows fuller/longer without penciling? I specifically mean products like revitalash that claim to make eyebrows/eyelashes longer and more defined. Thanks!!

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