Look of the Day | Birthday Glam


By Huda Heidi Kattan

So I love the fact that fashion bloggers have ‘look of the day’  or ‘street fashion’ pics. They’re just plain awesome, and since I have gotten requests for more pics of me, this part of my blog will be something similar to these concepts. Enjoy!

I happen to be a semi-private person. My wedding, for example, only had 35 guests (including my family), but it was pretty fancy and intimate, which is completely much my style. I guess this makes perfect sense of why I usually celebrate my birthday with one of two friends and family.   This year, I did the same thing and went to dinner with my hubby and sisters and just a couple of friends! It was small, but sweet–just my style!

My look for my birthday was actually done really quickly! I dyed my hair earlier that day (I always dye my hair at home) for an all over color that is just a tad darker and dramatic than my usual do. Since I ended up styling my hair myself, I ran out of time so had to rush my makeup! Whenever I don’t have too much time to spend on makeup, despite focusing on my eyes, I concentrate on getting a perfectly sculpted face! I pretty much threw an eyeshadow on, and some heavy liner with two sets of lashes!

I love the fact that the i’s are dotted with hearts ❤

I played Papparazzi and took some photos of myself!

Yum!! Kitsch Cupcakes!! I die!!

All done and ready to go home! Had an amazing time!


15 Responses to “Look of the Day | Birthday Glam”

  1. 1 Tony


    Hope your bday was bananas Hudie!!!! miss you soooo much!!!! =)

  2. Huda, you are so incredibly beautiful and your style looks unbelievably effortless!

    Your blog is amazing and your tips, especially for those (like me!) who can’t exactly afford the most expensive beauty treatments are invaluable.

    Keep those Victoria Secret locks and that curvalicious body, I’m sure your hubby feels like the luckiest man alive and with good reason! haha

    You’re a true gem xx

  3. 3 Tanya

    happy birthday sweety! you look absolutely fabulous!! the cake reminds me of the hummingbird bakery in london!!

  4. 4 Alya

    Cute post! Had a great time! You rock! So hot!!!

  5. 5 HAIFA

    happy BD u loook amazin wish u all the best at the rest of ur life inshallaaaa


  7. 7 mom banergy

    wish u many many happy returns of the day……………….

    u r soooooooooo gorgeous

  8. 8 Maisa

    Happy BD

  9. 9 rageemah

    You look beautiful, maasha allah. what lipstick are you guys wearing? it looks so pretty

  10. 10 Cassidy

    What a beautiful family! Are these your only sisters??

  11. You look amazing! (mashalla).
    I’m so glad you had the birthday you wanted!
    Happy birthday love!

  12. 12 Lulu

    Happy birthday!! You look gorgeous as always and so do your sisters..

    Btw what lipstick did you use? Its a nice shade of nude.

    P.s. amazing pics hope u have more stored in to share xP

  13. Parabens! Happy Birthday Girl!….stay beautiful

  14. 14 Candice

    Baby! Thanks for posting! I almost feel like I was there!!! Hope you had an amazing birthday!! Love you so rediculously much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15 Reyna

    Beautiful can you do a tutorial on this look please??

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