Who Wore it Better


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Like most sisters, the Kardashian’s like to share each others clothes! I know how much my sisters and I love to share clothes and sometimes buy the same clothes, sometimes it can be a little annoying when you end up wearing the same thing at the same time! Here are some pics of the K-sisters looking gorgeous wearing all the same outfits! Which one wears it best?


8 Responses to “Who Wore it Better”

  1. 1 Alya

    They all look good but kim wore it best! We love copying you because you have the best taste baby! ❤


  3. Kourtney allll the wayyyy

  4. 4 Holly

    I am all about Khloe! I love the other two, but Khloe makes things so much more interesting!!!

  5. 5 Candice

    Normally, I’m a Kim fan. But in these photos, Kourt def wore it better!!

  6. 6 Rema

    I LOVE KHLOE!!!!!!! She is my fa kardashian gilr! Shes so funny and really down to earth! Plus her and her husband r so adorable!

    • I love Khloe too!! I love her straight forward personality!!

  7. 8 Lorna

    I so like Kim K among the 3. She’s like a Disney Princess Jasmine personified. But I like the beauty & simplicity of Huda & her sisters.

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