Hottie of The Hour | Young and Dangerous


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Sometimes I am completely shocked with how incredibly young and talented some stars are in Hollywood. I don’t really care what anybody thinks, I completely have Bieber Fever (he’s adoreble!!). But my latest fan fair happens to be an incredibly talented young Willow Smith. I have always loved Will and Jada, but there kids are going to make history, seriously! Jaden, already a respected actor at the age of 12, has given the power couple something to be proud of. Now 9-year old Willow is giving the music industry something to be excited about.  She has just signed with music mogul and rapper Jay-Z, who has referred to her as “a young Michael Jackson”. While she may not wear makeup just yet, this young starlet makes the list because of confidence, fun wit, killer style, and ability to push the envelope with her creativity! I love her! Watch out for this one! Check out her new song, can you believe her voice? It’s unreal that she’s 9!

image credits imnotobsessed, bossip


7 Responses to “Hottie of The Hour | Young and Dangerous”

  1. Oh my goodness, she’s like a mini Rihanna! xx

  2. 2 Mai

    Love the Smiths.. They’re all adorable

  3. 3 M

    hey huda- can u pls do a post on hair- esp how to achieve this style-
    i have thin hair and would love to get some voolume and i like what they’ve done with this hairstyle. i tried to do this by back combing my hair but the elastic band i used to tie my hair together sort of pulled down the puffy back combed hair and it looked like an ordinary ponytail. so plssssssssss do a post on this plsssss.

  4. 4 Alya

    OMG!!! She is insanely talented!!! Can’t believe she is only 9!!! Love the smiths! What a beautiful family!!! Wow love her style!!

  5. 5 Candice

    She’s going to be huge!! The Smith Family (second to the Kattan’s, of course) are def the new power family!

  6. 6 Jenan JoJo

    rockin this in my ride!! always whippin the back and fourth 😉 great post!

  7. 7 Ghada

    the music video is INSANE SICK & AMAZING !!

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