Product Alert | Luscious Lashes


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I really wasn’t going to give this mascara too much attention, but after hearing so many great things about it, I decided to try it. Gucci Westman told me that Cameron Diaz loved the mascara so much, she actually requested a box full!

Personally, I have been a Dior Show girl since I can remember, but recently, I have made a switch, permanently! Luckily with technology improvements, mascara has revolutionized to bring us mascaras that now make our lashes look dramatic and keep them growing long and beautiful. While you could dish out 100+ AED ($20+) to get mascara that could revive your lashes, the people at Revlon understand that quality doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Their new Grow Luscious Mascara has been my newest obsession. I seriously swear by this! It makes your lashes look beautiful, but the best part about the mascara is the affect on your lashes. My lashes have grown longer and have barely fallen out since I have starting using this mascara. I HIGHLY recommend this mascara, but try using it over a period of two weeks to notice improvements.

If you have a mascara that you can’t part from, try applying it over the Grow Luscious. Start with the Grow Luscious, so that the formula will be directly on your lashes, thus you will reap all the beautiful benefits!

No makeup on this eye (sorry the pic blurred)

With Two Coats of Revlons Grow Luscious Mascara (PS This is a couple weeks after using the mascara, so you can see my lashes are longer and thicker)

image credits revlon


4 Responses to “Product Alert | Luscious Lashes”

  1. 1 Alya

    You look beautiful with or without makeup! ❤

  2. 2 ali

    thank u so much for introducing this product huda!! after reading ur interview with gucci westman, i immediately went out and purchased this mascara. i am fair haired which makes my eyelashes seem nonexistent… after using this mascara for a little while now i am OBSESSED. further proof that grow luscious is awesome: this wknd i was visiting with my future mother-in-law (who i haven’t seen since starting to use this product) and she asked if i was wearing false lashes!!

  3. 3 Mariam

    Oh how funny! I was just talking to my cousin about this mascara. She introduced me to one called 2000 Calories by Max Factor years ago, and there has been NOTHING like it. Unfortunately, they have discontinued it earlier this year. I would see these Revlon commercials ALL the time months ago…so I ended up buying into it..and only got to try it now (cuz i had found the few last 2000 calorie mascaras online, hehe). I believe mascaras are all about the BRUSH, and thinking that this one would work because its HUGE and resembles the Max Factor brush sort of….but i’m not happy with it at all. I have really short lashes, and so i need volume and length! This product doesnt give it to me..but maybe i just need to give it 2 weeks and see what it does for me. Now, I bought this when I was in California..but now im in the UAE. Do they sell it here? IF it ends up working magic on my lashes, i might need another bottle. .. but so far, not so impressed.

    Do you have any suggestions for other mascaras that lengthen and thicken ?

  4. 4 Bubu

    I swear by it. My lashes almost literally doubled. If Revlon ever decides to discontinue; I’m protesting!

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