Kimmy Goes Nude (Shocker!) for W


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I really don’t care what anyone says, I am a Kardashian fan! Not that I agree with their lifestyle, but they remind me of me and my sisters a lot and I’m not going to lie, I totally dig their “reality” show. However, Kimmy nude on the cover of W Magazine was just a bit too much for me.  Kind of surprising considering her recent statement about how much she regretted going Playboy. Unfortunatley, the magazine and the reality starlet both got hit with a world wind of critism for the shoot, mostly saying this shoot was a cry of attention. As much as I am a KDash fan, I have to agree.

image credits wmagazine


13 Responses to “Kimmy Goes Nude (Shocker!) for W”

  1. 1 Bunny

    Ilove her I think she’s super pretty and her personality is amazing too

  2. 2 my opinion!

    she is a cheap bitch!all for attention,famous for a sextape,and playboy,and this shoot,whats to love about her??if she was sad for the tape she wouldnt agree to remove the lawsuit against the sextape company for money!!and shes famous for nothing.she sets bas example,take ur clothes off to be famous and rich,if any1 wants to say hooot,we can say angelina jolie who does aloot of good movies,respectful woman who isnt a fame whore who does aloooot for charity work alll around the world!!!and she is soo hotttt!kim is alll botoxed,and fake with butt implants,and also the b4 and after pics of her lips,butt,and face proove so,its the glamourous shoots and magazines and being a celebrity that make her hot for some ppl ps she wears tooo much makeup!!soo fake!!!the only 1 who is not a fame whore is kourtney!!i loveeee huda beauty and i saw recently pics of u and ur sis,machallah beatiful 100000000000000000000000000000 time more than kardashians!!the kattans r waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better and u r such a natural babe,huda love ur personality and how adorable and helpfulll they r…u r the best artist ever

    • 3 MoniePonie

      LOOOOL Love you! ;*

    • 4 lya

      I aggree!!!
      The Kattans are way prettier!

      • Awwww!!! Thanks baby!!!! 🙂

  3. 6 sharareh

    I totally agree with you on this one, Huda. Despite all the rummers of Kim and her sisters, it just seems like they are losing their authenticity way faster than their 15 minute fame.

  4. 7 Alya

    I think she is beautiful but so what? She has nothing else to offer! I don’t see why everyone is so obsessed with her! Looks aren’t everything! Anyone can be beautiful–makeup, surgery, extensions..but can’t buy real talent!

    • 8 betsy

      I TOTALLY agree with Alya! Its sad what ppl do for fame and money.

    • 9 MoniePonie

      Well said Mi Amor ❤

  5. 10 sharareh

    Alya, you are right with the modern technology of plastic surgery anyone could look like any way they desire to. However, it’s not the nude photos of Kim or her look that offended the fans, it’s how she goes against her words and is unreal to her fans. The nude photos didn’t bother me as much as the fake episode of Kim getting botox “for the forst time” on their show, which by the way i was watching on HD and noticed khloe’s terrible skin who happens to be a spoke person of Perfect Skin and I’m not even going to start on their diet products. These girls have forgotten that it is their fans who got them where they are today, so why they are returning the favor in fake statements is a mystery to me!

    • 11 MoniePonie

      Hahaha!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO true!! I was thinking the same thing when I was watching that botox episode– “for the first time” WTF..?! If you ate the cake, say you ate the cake! We all see the frosting on your face! LOOOOOOOOL

  6. 12 Renren

    i love how the “it’s all about me” is located at her boobs and crotch area. wonderful. more amazing examples to set to the already messed up teenagers.
    Anyway, this is ridiculous. it amazes me how some women claim stripping off their clothes as a form of self expression and freedom and women empowerment….i bet a man started that BS to get women to dress up more provocatively.
    I’m all for looking elegant and stylish, i have a dilemma every morning about what i should wear. But I never NEVER allow myself to NEED this kind of physical attention.
    I like their show, even if sometimes there are things that occur that make go WTH! but this stuff……like they say: “6a7at men 3aini”

  7. 13 Tiff

    Although I dnt agree w/the KDash lifestyle or “morals” but, I gotta say… I love the Kardashian girls! We are only human and no body is perfect… Everyone makes mistakes! They are in the major lime light and their lives are on display for the entire world to see. Which makes it that much more important to be “perfect” in the “public eye”. They have to look beautiful, make no mistakes, be successful and try to set a good example for all these teen girls who look up to them… I’m not gonna get mad or upset if they “mess up” every once in awhile… They have ALOT of their plates! What if YOUR life was put on display for the WORLD to see… How many people would “disagree” w/the way U live YOUR life? Give the girls a break… Dnt be so judgemental.., after all YOU dnt live w/them… You dnt know them personally so dnt judge a book by it’s cover… Just a thought… 😉

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