New Scent | Kitty Katy


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It seems to be the newest trend with celebrities.  Become famous then rich, then design a clothing line or fragrance and become more rich and famous--which makes it completely inevitable that rock stars like Katy Perry would release their own scents. Her fragrance, named Purr, is set for release next month. Ok, honestly, I’ve only tried a few celebrity fragrances and some were actually quite nice. Considering how funky and feminine Katy is, I am really looking forward to it’s release! Not to mention this ad is pretty bad ass. Can’t wait to try it!

image credits stylist


3 Responses to “New Scent | Kitty Katy”

  1. 1 Alya

    Don’t really care for the name of the perfume!

  2. So crazy this trend!! just in time for Christmas!!- I will look for it when it comes out, I feel that too many female celebs make perfumes that smell too much like a cotton candy – I hope she makes one a bit more edgy- especially with that ad!!

  3. 3 MoniePonie

    LOOOL… I agree with you Hoodie, great ad but you know who’s has the best taste in perfume ;)~ You better post about it! haha
    LOVE U! ❤

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