Spread the Beauty


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I loooove when beauty brands decide to partner up with charities with an aim to help anyone in need! I especially love when they donate 100% of their proceeds to the project, and when it’s in exchange for a super beautifying product–well, my feet get a little tingly! Here’s the deal, L’Occitane has partnered with Orbis, a NGO that has been traveling throughout third world countries to help with blindness. According to Orbis doctors, 80% of blindness is curable with the right treatment! And what do you get in exchange, other than feeling warm and fuzzy from knowing you could have saved someones vision? An incredibly moisturizing body soap made of rich Shea Butter. L’Occitane’s African Tale Soap Duo is full of Shea Butter, which is one of the most moisturizing elements in most body lotions and considering that you are saving the world whilst being beautiful, this soap, quite frankly, kicks ass!

source and image credits stylist


2 Responses to “Spread the Beauty”

  1. Hi Huda,

    Love your work! please let me know how i can contact you to book a makeup appointment ?


  2. 2 Alya

    Love you!!!

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