MIA Gets “Dressed” Up


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I personally found this offensive, but I wanted to see what you guys think. Singer MIA wore a burqa to the Spike TV show on Saturday. Known for her always out-there attire, this look has been in the buzz as one of her most controversial moments. What do you guys think?

She later changed into this neon ansemble


14 Responses to “MIA Gets “Dressed” Up”

  1. 1 shoosh

    I dont understand her point. I mean fashion is fashion if this is a new trend then wohoo! but if her point is to make a mockery of the burka then thats just offensive.

  2. 2 Renren

    i don’t really find it offensive, she’s pakistani originally isn’t she?
    I’m actually looking at it thinking “why not?”
    if they let Gaga get away with raw meat that could be used for a better purpose…i.e feeding the poor and homeless with it instead of strapping it on her shoes and turning it into her clutch.
    Mia is probably looking for a bit of a shock factor, at the same time she’s touching a bit of her roots (i know alot of pakistani women who wear the burqa3)

    • 3 maana

      No actually she isn’t Pakitsani. Shes a Tamil from Sri Lanka. And the burqa is not part of Pakistani culture, they usually cover their head with a duppata/chador.

    • 4 maana

      No actually she isn’t Pakistani, shes a Tamil from Srilanka, and I’m pretty sure burqa is not part of their culture in Pakistan. They usually just wear a chador on their head.

  3. 5 krystle

    I actually like it. I enjoy the fact that she’s finding a way to bring it into the mainstream.

    Living back in the states I see far too many people craning their neck anytime they see a woman covered, even if it’s just with a head scarf.

    For many, this could be the first time they see a woman wearing this without it being in an article about a war torn country, or even worse, on Fox News while they discuss how “all muslims are terrorists”.

    It would be one thing if what was on the burqa was offensive, but between this and, say, lady gaga’s disgusting meat dress, I would take this any day.

  4. and her point is???

  5. 7 Rema

    I’m sure she wasn’t being offensive, but if she was doing it as a fashion statement then i don’t agree with her. There are some things that need to stay religous. You don’t just wear the hijab because you baught a really cute one, although I love styling my hijab diffrently and wearing really pretty ones, but it should be worn because of your faith and love for allah. Personally, i think the burqa should not be a fashion statement, but she did look hot! I loved her eye shadow.


  7. 9 Alya

    OMG!!! What people do for attention these day!

  8. 10 هبة

    Actually she is sri lankan not pakistani…and the niqab (it is not a burqa: this is the covering usually seen worn by afghanistani women) is not a cultural from of dress even though many mistakenly think but it actually religious, so you dont just wear it like you would choose to go out in a certain pair of shoes or any cultural clothing like i.e. a sari (as anyone wears this). I can understand everyone who finds it offensive, but I personally dont and I wear it!:) But like alreem I ask why.. what is the point?! Most probably to cause contraversy.

    By the way Huda really like your HB tips.

  9. 11 Peace & Love

    I don’t think that she intended to offend anyone with this. I think that she wanted to make a statement, not a fashion related one, but a political one. I suppose she wanted to question the views on the burqa in the West by promoting it. If a renowned artist like her, who is usually in the spotlight, can wear a burqa without losing out on her fans, then why can’t countries like France and Germany accept the religious views of Muslim women? Maybe that’s what she’s trying to convey. Maybe she’s trying to express that wearing a burqa, completely obscuring your figure and covering your skin does not result in the loss of your personality and identity.

    • 12 Rema

      I like the way you thought of it!! i didn’t think about it in that sense, but In that case then i don’t have a problem with it. I mean she did a daring move by wearing so i do have to give her props on that. Thanks for posting this!!

  10. 13 Renren

    Again, I don’t see how it’s offensive. She’s not insulting Islam in any way or form. If anything, like some girls said, she’s giving the niqab an exposure in the west that may be necessary. (We call this niqab in kuwait).
    Anyway, I checked if there was anything offensive on the print before i commented the first time, and since there’s nothing i think it’s ok.

    If you want to be offended by something be offended by ne3mat Allah strapped on someone’s shoes and made out as a bag and a dress. Gaga’s meat dress.

    Again, MIA is not a vulgar artist.
    If Gaga wore this i’d be offended (although i’d also be a little relieved that she covered up her body since she’s naked all the time).

  11. 14 Hamdah

    I think people that are trying to make a statement every one and then should try harder lol! this is getting old!

    making fun of niqab? we’ve seen that that a million times! and seriously i feel disgusted looking at her! whether she’s mocking it or wearing it because she can. frankly we don’t care, but religion is religion. Just like a lot of people were uncomfortable watching gagas video clip wearing a nun outfits .. its the same things, its not a nice “statement” if thats what she’s trying to do.

    And to everyone who thinks she’s making a political statement, who is she to do that?! she’s just a singer (no offense to her fans), her neon outfits says a lot.


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