Out and About | Birthday Suit


By Huda Heidi Kattan

This weekend, Kimmy K turned the Big-30 and in celebration of turning 30, the Dash sister threw a huge birthday bash, three of them!  She looked absolutely fabulous for each party, but my favorite look is the black Zac Posen dress with diamond and emerald jewelry! What do you guys like most?

image credits zimbio


6 Responses to “Out and About | Birthday Suit”

  1. 1 bodour

    kourt is my fav 🙂 kim gained so much weight :S

  2. 2 Fatma

    Definitely the one with the cream dress! She looks so pretty with her hair up, and the make-up – beautiful! I LOOOOVE her ❤ 😀
    Do you have any ideas for what make-up she used?? Cuz I want to do it for my weeding next month :). Thanxx

  3. 3 Thaj

    She is so gorgeous and has an AMAZING BOD! Love herrrrr!!!!

  4. 4 Thaj

    I like the Zac Posen dress too!

  5. 5 Taylor

    Kim is so pretty and has an amazing figure–but I hate how she dresses. It always looks like she’s been digging through the bargain bin at Forever 21.

    I like Kourtney’s style much better.

  6. 6 Holly

    I hate the silver dress on her. She tries to look too sexy. Maybe she should read your blog on Beyonce and watch the video! If I had to choose, I would go with the black though.

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