The Breakthrough We’ve Been Waiting For


By Huda Heidi Kattan

What if plastic surgery no longer consisted of inserting artificial elements into our bodies? What if they were real? Wired magazine just released a breakthrough in breast augmentation. Doctors are now working on a new way to enhance breasts. If you were considering breast augmentation, then you will love this! In stead of implanting silicon or saline bubbles, doctors can now use body fat from other areas of the body to create natural enlarged breasts. This procedure includes transforming the fat first, so that it doesn’t dissolve into the body, like fat normally would. And while the procedure has proven successful in Europe and Japan, the FDA has still not passed the new procedure out of fear for complications, especially with women who are prone to cancer, etc.  Of course we can’t expect them to pass this too soon, but the entire process so far sounds promising. Who knows what they will be able to do next! One things for sure, I wouldn’t mind wearing my love handles on my chest!

source and image credits jezebel


3 Responses to “The Breakthrough We’ve Been Waiting For”

  1. 1 Uzma

    Is this procedure available in dubai?

  2. 2 nona

    check dubai cosmetic surgery

  3. 3 Cérise

    This procedure is called Fat Transplant or Fat Grafting – the surgeons generally will have to add more amount of transferred fat than the desire cup size because one never know how much fat the body will eventually absorb back. Through time the body could absorb the entire fat back, but the good thing is it is YOUR OWN FAT so it is natural and allow sculpting by the surgeon. The technique can also be done on the nose.

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