Guess the Celeb | Pap Mess?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I thought this was crazy when I saw it, so I had to share:) Can you guys guess which celeb caused this much drama in NYC?


7 Responses to “Guess the Celeb | Pap Mess?”

  1. 1 Alya

    WOW!!! You would cause more drama!!! You’re fabulous!!! ❤ ❤ <3!!! I am actually getting sick of Kim! She is beautiful but I am sick of her already!

  2. 2 Mai

    Alya.. I feel you girl

    Is that Ciara? She looks so elegant mashalla

    • 3 Alya

      Hi Mai!!! Yes I agree I think Ciara looks great, I love what she is wearing!!!

  3. 4 Queen S

    Sorry Huda but I truly don’t see what the big fuss about Kim is nowadays…she’s just an upgrade of Paris Hilton, who at that is at least an heiress. There has been so much speculation about Kim’s body / surgery etc. that I think it’s truly harmful for young people to emulate her … Just a thought…


  4. 5 Mai

    Two thumbs up for Ciara’s !!

  5. 6 Taylor

    Wow, I wonder how Kim and Ciara could even deal with that. I would go nuts having that many people around me, trying to get pictures of me and so forth. It must be overwhelming.

    They look like they’re used to it though.

    And Kim’s hair looks cute here. Could you do a tutorial on it? I absolutely suck at french braiding.

  6. 7 Dina

    i would looove to know where her sweater is from! any1 have any idea?

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