Celebs Play Dress Up


By Huda Heidi Kattan
Celebs turned up last night in Hollywood festively dressed in their Halloween outfits! Everyone dressed accordingly to watch the cult classic the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. What do you guys think? Which outfit is your favorite?(above: Evan Rachel Wood)

Jorge Garcia Nicole Scherzinger

Lucas Grabeel

Nicole Scherzinger

George Lopez

image credits thehuffingtonpost


5 Responses to “Celebs Play Dress Up”

  1. 1 Enass Hamad

    Ohhh my God .. whats wrong with George Lopez.. freaking terrible.. his look really scared the hell out of me.. Ohh my God

    I wont get into any of these.. going to create my own fit.. though Nicoles look cute .. but not soo halloweenish..

    I prefer ur Halloween look Huda.. I follow ur tutorials aalllllllll the time.. though it is ma first time to write on ur page

  2. 2 Rema

    Yay i don’t know what to say about Georges costume…But i LOVED Nicoles it was adorable!

  3. 3 Alya

    My favorite is George Lopez!!! Sexy legs!!! Have you seen him as the 4th Kardashian? Hilarious, he makes an ugly woman!!!

  4. 4 Thaj

    Nicole looks hotttt!

  5. 5 Taylor

    Nicole’s outfit is really cute.

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