Victoria’s Secret on “Healthy Models”


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret has launched the careers of some of the worlds most successful supermodels, including Adrianna Lima, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Tyra Banks. When models lined up to cast for the newest runway show, we weren’t surprised that so many girls were competing for the parts. What is VS looking for in there models? CURVES! VS spokeswomen claimed that they are looking for “healthy models, not hangers”. I find this extremely refreshing! With Vogue Italia contributing an entire site to curves and Victoria Beckham looking for size 6 models, I’m so happy to see this movement in the world! Let’s face it, VS is right–clothes that just hangs on a body is really NOT hot!!

Check out the casting video!

Victoria’s Secret Casting Video.

image credits theaudracatalog


9 Responses to “Victoria’s Secret on “Healthy Models””

  1. 1 Holly

    I LOVE Adrianna Lima!! I am so glad that the world is starting to come around and realize that curves are sexy! Sure I want to shed a few pounds, who doesn’t? But I like being thick and curvaceous. I think it looks better when you can fill out those jeans, not have them hang off of you!! Thanks for this, it really made me feel better!!

    • Babe!! You are FABULOUS!!! I used to want to be really thin, now I really don’t AT ALL! I just want to be healthy! That’s it!! Meditate, be happy and eat as many fruit and good foods as possible! And to me, curves are sooo much sexier than no curves! No question!!! 🙂 XXxxx

  2. 3 Alya

    Curves are def. sexy!!!! I think that what is important is being healthy!!! Starving your yourself or eating too much is both a no no. Eat the right foods and everything in moderation is key!

  3. 4 Sarah

    LOOL.. oh well sorry people.. but some girls are naturally THIN.. am so sick of those girls saying ‘real women have curves’ am thin and i have boobs and ass 🙂
    and trust me victoria secret wont go anywhere above size 2.. cuz no one wants to see flaps hanging out… sorry but this is the turth… not every skinny girl is starving her sefl btw.. some jst have high metabolism.. dont hate cuz some ppl can eat as much as they want withouh gaining weight…
    its funny how its rude to call a girl FAT but u girls keep dissing SKINNY girls.. while deep down its eveyones dream to look like a super model 🙂
    and like Karl Lagerfeld says, the sayings about skinny models are driven by overweight women who did not like to be reminded of their weight issues!! sorry but this is the truth.. people nowdays became so fat that the sight of a healtht girl (with no fat) is so surprising and annaroxic for them……

    and PS:. theres a HUGE difference between CURVEY and FAT… curvey is well toned and sexy (example: JLO and Kim K) and just for the record even those airbrush their pix to look thinner 😉 but when fat starts hanging out and the body isn’t proportional then its time to hit the gym!!

    dont get me wrong but some people have no respect for other body types…. each person have their own body type.. thin thick fat skinny.. who cares!! you can’t change everyone accourding to what you like!! just respect all bodies instead of saying “curvey is sexier” or “real men like curves”!! who are u to judge? sorry but some men love skinny looking model girls.. while others love big girls… so please if your happy and comofrtable with your body u wont be throwing such comments 🙂 thanks!

    • 5 Rania

      Wow Sarah, sweetie, get off your high horse! Let’s say you do have TandA, do you still have curves? Maybe you don’t know what that means, but it means to be physically appealing. Or maybe you just can’t read, but it says that they like girls who are not hangers! There’s a difference! But maybe your “high” metabolism is eating away at your brain!

      I’m a thin girl too, but I applaud the fact that there are people in the industry saying eating disorders are wrong and people should be happy with the way they look!

      Seriously girl, you’re being backwards, the industry is trying to move forward and you are still in the ice age.

      PS didn’t Karl Lagerfeld use Crystal Renn who is a full figure model is one of his recent ad campaigns? Yeah, he did! Because even the self-absorbed KL knows beauty is found in many shapes!

    • 6 Stef

      Sweetie, I’m thin as well, but you seem to be unsure of yourself? Why are attacking women who are curvey? Do you have insecurities? Anyways, so uncool about what you wrote! If you have personal issues, handle them with yourself. Sorry, but you seem like you are really an unhappy girl. If you are having issues, take them out in different ways, but don’t make yourself seem like a total self conscious B! I’m sure you were trying to come off as sure of yourself, but you seem really unsure!


  4. Ok, you guys are being a little mean! But listen, the truth is that there are some women who have died due to eating disorders because of the obsession with being thin. Point blank, the modeling industry has been under heavy criticism for this, which I believe is very much needed. I don’t care what you say, there is nothing attractive about models where clothes just hangs, however on photoshoots, it looks amazing to have a 5’10” thin model, but in reality–not so much!

    if you are proud of being thin, awesome! But for you to actually say that women who are curvey really want to be thin, I find that comment to be completely erroneous, because if they really wanted to look “like you” then they would, period.

  5. PS, I’m curvey and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Seriously! But I am sure you all very sexy as well no matter how thick or thin you are!

    Please remember, there is a lot more to being attractive than they way you look and a nasty attitude is NOT hot!

  6. 9 AnonymousGirl

    Yes, I agree! I mean, being thin isn’t all to beiing attractive, you have to have at least SOME curves… Being slim and curvy is really attractive. But yea, a nice attitude is super-hot too! What modeling agencies want, is someone who has a great personality and attitude… And maybe, attractive too…

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