Real Housewives Dish Plastic Surgery


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Beverly Hills has been an international hub for plastic surgery since the dawn of silicon valley, but some people take it too far. The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” open up about their nips and tucks. What do you guys think? Is anyone lying?

Kim Richards:
“I did a little Botox at one point with my sister, and I did have implants that I had taken out. They made them too big, and I couldn’t see my feet. Not that I loved my toes, but I would like to glance at them now and then.”

Kyle Richards:
“I did have my nose done. I have done Botox. My husband doesn’t know, but he does now … But these are my own boobs!”

Adrienne Maloof:
“Botox, fillers, boobs, nose … No lips … No cheek bones.”

Lisa Vanderpump:
“I plead the fifth … Okay, I have a bucket of Botox in my face!”

Taylor Armstrong:
“Just start from the top, right? You should’ve seen what I looked like before – oh my God! I mean, scary! So yeah … filler [lips], Botox. And I had my boobs done.”

Camille Grammer:
“Oh God, what have I done? Let’s see, obviously I’ve had a breast augmentation and … Botox absolutely — just a crock full of Botox.”‘

source fitperez

One Response to “Real Housewives Dish Plastic Surgery”

  1. 1 F

    Pretty much, it must suck to feel like you have to physically alter yourself with botox, bigger boobs and tummy tucks in order to feel beautiful. I probably sound judgemental, but its people like them who make younger women feel bad about their self image and try to shelve out thousands of dollars to try to achieve imperfect plasticity, while simultaneously failing to work on their own confidence and personalities. It would be interesting to see what they look like at 65.
    That is why I like your blog and your perspective….everyone has to be at peace with themselves and know that they are beautiful. Not beautiful in their own way…but beautiful. Maybe you should have had a hudabeauty moment with these ladies before they went out and wrecked themselves.

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