Crazy Looks from the European MTV Awards


By Huda Heidi Kattan

At the European MTV Awards ceremony in Madrid, celebrities showed up in some rather eccentric outfits! While some came bearing their Sunday best, others came in, well I’m not sure. From dresses that look like tickets to Kesha and her garbage clothing, it’s pretty obvious Halloween stuck for a few of these of starlets!

image credits zimbio


6 Responses to “Crazy Looks from the European MTV Awards”

  1. 1 fatamy

    rihanna looks stunning! love her

    katy, love her too

    but the rest,,,, are they serious?! and wats the black shirt?!

    • haha! I KNOW!!! 🙂


  2. 3 Bess

    OH MY GOD 

  3. 4 aziza

    love rihannas long cream gown the rest just looks odd! watz up with with GG Jenny looks like shes been gangbanged loool

  4. 5 Alya

    WOW!!! What the hell are some of them thinking???

  5. argh! Katys makeup is very pretty and Kesha???? since I have nothing nice to say I will leave that alone!

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